5 Emotions You Experience Immediately After Submitting Your Resume

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1. Confidence

Yes! I am definitely going to get that internship, how could they NOT choose me? Mentioning that time I spent an afternoon building a Habitat for Humanity house was a good choice, and so relevant to their job description. I mean, they don’t know that I never went back again. I’ve got this.

2. Uncertainty

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Wait, did the email actually go through? It’s been like two minutes and I haven’t even received a form response yet. I should check and make sure it went through. Okay, there it is in my ‘sent’ folder, I shouldn’t have even questioned that, so silly.

3. More Uncertainty

What if my email didn’t actually send it? What if it is just stuck in the internet waves that are floating in the air in my living room? Are internet waves a thing? What if they actually look into…

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