I turn 24 tomorrow.

Usually, I would have been excited (at least, a tad) and thrilled for the day. However, steadily, birthdays have become ‘just-another-day’ for me and right now, I couldn’t care lesser. The fear of expectations is sufficiently high to douse all the excitement  over a birthday. Rather, there is a deep sense of disinterest and discontent at having at turned 24 and of barely achieving anything. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for my blessing, particularly, my family, A and friends (the very few and close people). Now, I just don’t care.

Somewhere, I owe the devils from college for ruining the day for me and even myself for expecting huge things out of the day. It really isn’t something great – you turn another year, get a year older and move on. People now expect you to be far more mature and adult. You need to have solid plans and turn into a stoic individual who knows where you’re headed with a decent bank balance and an idea about the future.

You can’t just wear a pretty frock and blow candles on a cake while everybody sings for you. Now, you have to attend work, spend the day seeing faces you hate and just see the hours tick by while you work/ pretend to work.

I don’t care anymore…

To deaths of cheerful occasions and a dull 24.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Zarine Mohideen says:

    Shut up and go celebrate. Eat a cupcake. Or two. Take yourself out to lunch. Buy yourself something pretty and celebrate YOU.

    You many not care anymore, but I’m so glad you’re in my life.
    Happy birthday, bitch!

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