I think there should be a general rule against women inviting other women to their wedding because they are bitchy. They will always find something to criticise and make it a point to publicise it. So your beautiful lake palace wedding will not garner a positive review and people (particularly, women) will not call it a fairytale. They will call it “repetitive” and lament on how sick they are of such weddings. It doesn’t matter that you spent a bomb on the wedding and painted the town red with your cheesy love story, that you humbly invited people to share in your joy. There will always be something that people (particularly, women) won’t like. I have the misfortune of hearing (thankfully, not speaking) to one such smarmy woman at work. The woman would laugh at everything (not in a happy joyful way but with derision), is ready with nasty quips, will go out of her way to criticise and partake in all/ any gossip at work.

Being a woman myself, I don’t mean to lash out at the 99.9% which seems sane. The 0.01% ruin the picture and to them, get a life.

For all your nasty remarks on women who do have a fulfilling relationship, who share their wedding happiness through videos and palace weddings, wouldn’t you wish for such things.

It is plain absurd how much women can feel disgusted by their own gender.


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