3 Powerful Reminders For When You Feel Stuck In Life

Thought Catalog

Alexandra BellinkAlexandra Bellink

1. You don’t need to know where you are going to get somewhere great.

A car’s headlights can illuminate only the area immediately in front of it, yet you can drive across the country seeing only this little bit at a time. No one can see the future, and you don’t need to. React to what is in the now and what you can see coming in the immediate future, doing this is how you get to your long term goals, even if you can’t always see how everything will connect.

The fact that you can’t see everything that will happen is a good thing. You get to focus on the present and–as cheesy as it is–enjoy the journey.

Being able to predict the future is also limiting–we place restrictions on our dreams when we set our sights on them. For instance, when I dreamed of starting a…

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