What’s Up With All These #SOSVenezuela Hashtags?

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Untitled1 via #SOSVenezuela

Let me tell you how you just became an important part of an entire country’s future. Maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but if you are reading this it’s because you are at least curious. So please, keep reading… At least so you look knowledgable when someone else talks about the subject around you. What you decide to do later with what I am about to tell you is a different subject.

So, what’s going on?

Venezuela has been under the governance of Hugo Chavez’s ideology – Socialism of the XXI Century – for the last 15 years. I will try not to get into my personal beliefs and opinions about the system, but the fact is that the opposition has been constantly growing and now is, or at least seems to be, the vast majority. The country is facing an economic and social crisis, but the government’s…

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