March 31, 2014

Today is the day I resigned from my job as a law firm associate. Where am I headed? For once, I don’t know except that I am awaiting results from another job interview and I am biding my time. That’s a plan, right? – Being patient and biding time. Besides that, I have other back-up plans so yes, I have a plan. To summarise this month or since I last blogged (a long time back):

1. I have lost my appetite for food. Rather, once you start watching your weight due to health/ working-out, you limit your options to very boring Indian meals.

2. I think I have lost a tad amount of weight – yay! Target 2014: Abs.

3. I like wearing fitted clothes, I am done with the frumpy stage unless I feel fat, in which case, hey, bring out the over-sized clothes.

4. I love bagels – sweet and savoury though I do believe that Mumbai serves the duplicates. Daylight robbery, more like it.

5. I would love to  join a dance class, soon.

6. I am seriously going to get involved in: community service, yoga and legal research.

7. This month is the month of introspection and transformation. Somewhere, I’ve realised that the old approach doesn’t work and it is time to ring in the new, literally and figuratively. The old way of thinking and being needs to be trashed to be replaced by some newness.

8. Therapy and detoxification.

…and it’s my old friend – writer’s block.

When did it become so hard to write. Z, we have problems.


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