Save me, I’m lost
Oh lord, I’ve been waiting for you
I’ll pay any cost
Save me from being confused

Show me what I’m looking for. – Carlina Liar, Show Me What I’m Looking For

Sometimes, you gotta love Jango.

i’d fervently agreed that this song reflects my feelings a week ago but today, they don’t. For once, there is some clarity on what needs to be done, so let’s roll on with the bucket list for this year. Yes, happy new financial year, everyone!

1. Sign the damn offer letter. Yes, that is contingent on them “offering” the job to me along with my friends – myasthenia and low hemoglobin but they aren’t that bad to have around, actually. In fact, one grows used to them and even a bit fond of them – which is why they are my “friends”. If you want me, you have to accept them too.

2.  Heal. Grow stronger, literally and figuratively. A couple of things that have happened off-late have made me realise that I can do it all, by myself and do it well. It is tiring battling life by yourself but it helps develop mettle and confidence. I won’t deny the importance of having people around but sometimes, you don’t need them – even when you’re vulnerable because you think you can do it.

3. House hunt and other stuff which brings in the most difficult part – managing people and managing finances. If only if we lived in a world without money. Everybody would be happy!

4. Buy new clothes and shoes. ’nuff said.

5. Join a sport.

6. Join a dance class.

7. Write research papers.

This is an unfocused post and you can’t blame me because I have Tyrion Lannister’s fate troubling my mind.

More later but yes, I have a plan and things are looking up, finally. Yes, definitely, they are.

“If you want to play the same shot across each format like Virat…” : Reminder to self: Examine reactions to this statement by Dhoni.

I think I might have finally found a new player to admire.


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