Why Do We Always Make Love Seem So Complicated?

Someone is going to wait forever… Welcome, cynicism.

Thought Catalog

After a few years of being single, self-reflection has taught me a bit about myself and what I want and similarly don’t want. When it comes to the topic of what I want from a relationship, I can’t say I know who I want or what my ‘dream man’ looks like, or does for a living or is called.

But I do know two things: I don’t want to settle, and I do want simplicity.

Many of my friends complain about their boyfriends and how annoying they are and how they argued over x, y and z things and how the relationship is going nowhere — I don’t want that. A lot of people are scared of being alone — and don’t get me wrong, I’m scared too. The fear of growing old alone consumes me and leads me to terrible things such as spending hours swiping away on Tinder…

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