Saturday night is the designated movie night. Having never been a fan of Hollywood as a teenager and having never experimented with any other genre other than the typical comedy/ drama/ romance I have now officially become the all genres person except for horror.

This Saturday was ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’ minus the popcorn. (A huge downer if you like cheese popcorn as much as I do.) After movies like Cowboys v. Aliens and Godzilla one definitely intends to swear off Hollywood but not so soon…EOT changes that view. Not only does the movie boast of the most spectacular effects magnified because of 3D it also boasts of amazing performances. Tom Cruise is a treat but Emily Blunt most magnificent. There is the occasional scene which screams overacting and some of the characters are way over the top, a few scenes where your mind just wanders towards the concessionaire but this movie could teach Godzilla a thing or two. I should compliment the director for pulling off certain scenes which left the while audience sigh, curse and even laugh at the exact same time. I wouldn’t go over the plot for it would ruin the exact reason why this movie is terrific or I may just put it down to watching a good movie after some really crappy ones. Yes Godzilla, I am talking about you. Would I watch it again? Not really but I would rate it a 2 and a half stars, the half for ending the movie with John Newman and for Emily Blunt.

Full Metal Bitch!


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