Fridays are my favourite days. It is the end of the week and 2  keep you apart from the dreaded week. I figured that of the many flaws I possess one of them definitely is that I am not punctual and even if I am I end up screwing some aspect of coming to work – for instance, forgetting to carry my laptop. I think it has something to do with genes too – the fact that my own parents are tardy people. Or one is just lazy and loves sleeping.

I am honestly surprised that an in house position can bring double the amount of stress as compared to a law firm. Perhaps, I was (fortunately – haha) in a team which didn’t have that much work but at present I have phenomenal amounts of work and I honestly don’t care.

Jobs – Sucking life and creativity since time immemorial. I wonder if the amount of indifference I have towards my job is healthy or probably it is my defence mechanism against the many emails and stupid people I encounter on a day to day basis.

To the mean BD man – May your project not take off and may your appraisal fail because I sure as hell don’t care about your draft.


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