After that extremely dark and depressing post, I thought I should do something cheery like write about the movies that I have watched in the recent past. So here goes, from the most recent, as of yesterday:

  1. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)


Boy has Tom Cruise aged and how but the man still has that aura of an extremely good-looking meets suave and smart about him. He can still cut an extremely impressive figure in his well-tailored suits which he wears even in the sweltering heat of Morocco. Now, don’t get carried away because Tom might just be the only salvageable thing about the movie as the plot has absolutely nothing to hold your attention. Probably it had to do with the fact that I was in a new but old-school movie hall which hosted a total of 12 people in the so-called ‘Gold’ class and that I had been spoiled rotten by PVR but I absolutely wasn’t interested in the movie. The bit about the Torus was fun and visually pleasing especially with Tom being his dare devil best in navigating the choppy and forceful waters to replace profiles of authorized personnel which will enable his associate access a high-security data vault which is hosted in a power plant (*rolls eyes*) in order to lay his hands on a ledger comprising of the names of the members of a rogue organization (“Rogue Nation”, geddit?) called ‘Syndicate’ (how novel!) which is the anti-thesis of the IMF. My second favourite scene has to be the high-speed bike chase where Rebecca Ferguson (you got to have a chick in the movie!) gives Tom a run for his money, literally, and the poor guys ends up on the side of the road having narrowly escaped ramming straight into her and all because he trusted her though she betrayed that very trust by running away with a copy of the said ledger just in the previous scene (and hence the chase). After several un-dramatic but attemptedly dramatic twists and turns where everybody is out to get the other leaving you to question everybody’s loyalties in the movie, it ends. Thankfully. The fight scenes are lackluster and the characters each have their own trademark way of fighting, so, for instance, Ms. Ferguson prefers to climb on top of the villain’s many minions and ram knives and what-have-you through their skulls/ necks. Tom is too busy running in his suits (a fine sight) and doesn’t miss an opportunity to fall or get hurt and one wonders what keeps him alive but then again he is the only one in the movie whom everyone trusts and is friendly with and is one step ahead and has all the resources (lots of cash and fake identities to go around people!) including his modern hide-out/ technologically-advanced-with-weaponry boat in Austria. There are touches of dry humour which is a bit of a relief considering that the rest of the movie passes you in a mediocre action-packed blur. My question is: why did you age Tom?

  1. Inside Out (2015)

giphy (1)

I love animated movies and this one climbs right to the top of the charts below Frozen. The story behind this movie is that its writer – Pete Docter developed it after noticing changes in his daughter’s personality as she grew older (Wikipedia). The best part of the movie is its very premise and imagined hypothesis that one could have five major emotions controlling one’s brain (and thus your reactions/ responses) which in turn formulate and manage your core and long-term memories. The animation is simplistic but the plot is profound and beyond its years making it a teenage/ adult entertainer. So you have Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger – the five emotions that control your reactions to externalities. Your unconscious reactions in your formative years form your core memories and depending on your situation they could be happy and joyous core memories or an emotional mix of happiness, sadness, anger, disgust and fear. These core memories form islands (for instance, family island, honesty island, goof-ball island) that form the basis of your personality and make you what you intrinsically are – sort of like your foundations of life and things that you hold most dear. Till 11, Riley, the central protagonist of the movie is a happy child until her parents decide to move to another state and start a new life. Due to a set of circumstances caused by the predominance of Joy in her brain (don’t I wish this was true for me), Joy and Sadness are sucked into the parts of her brain storing long-term memories. The brain is then controlled by Anger, Disgust and Fear which lead to Riley running away from home among a bunch of other things until the console via which the emotions direct the responses is jammed and she can’t feel any emotion. Finally, Joy realizes that one needs to feel sad and experience hurt, tears and pain to truly feel joyful and happy. Joy and Sadness finally make their way to the console and make things right but purely through Sadness’ efforts. The movie ends with Riley being a balanced human being who has islands made up of all the emotions and not merely Joy. It does give you a lot of food for thought about the workings of your brain and you wish that Joy would be the one calling the shots more often at the risk of you looking like a grinning idiot.

  1. Frozen (2013)

giphy (3)

I finally got around to watching Frozen and this movie, ladies and gentlemen, is now one of my most favourite movies. I am glad that for once the main protagonist in this Disney production doesn’t end up with falling in love with some prince and living “happily ever after” but rather she goes on to rule a nation single-handedly while being a partially warm ice-princess. The animation is far superior compared to Inside Out and depicts some truly beautiful characters and spectacular views. The plot is borrowed from the Snow Queen but with a lot of variations and you end up with an extremely gorgeous princess named Elsa who has the ability to turn anything into solid ice with her hands. Having inadvertently frozen her younger sister at an early age she is hidden from the world until her coronation. At the coronation ball, after her sister declares her marriage to a handsome prince she had met that day (screams desperate!), Elsa inadvertently (again!) reveals her ability to the kingdom and fearing what she could unleash further runs away to the mountains where she renders the powerful ‘Let It Go’. Elsa didn’t realize that in the bargain she had frozen the whole kingdom over and her younger sister sets out on a quest to seek her out leaving her prince in charge of the kingdom. The sister is accompanied by an ice trader and his reindeer and after reaching Elsa they realize that she has no plans of getting back (The past is in the past… Let it Go!). Elsa, again, inadvertently, freezes her sister but this time in the heart and after a set of circumstances and plot thickening (the prince didn’t love the sister and wanted to lay his hands on the throne by killing Elsa and the sister as he was the last in line in his own kingdom and in any case the sister seemed desperate – sigh), everything, as in a Disney movie is right with the world. Elsa doesn’t need to conceal her ability anymore and the people in the kingdom rejoice at the beauty that their queen can conjure with her hands. What can be more beautiful than that such a happy ending! Full score to the soundtrack of the movie! I can’t stop singing ‘Let it Go!’.

  1. Khoobsurat (2014)


Sonam Kapoor has been generally viewed as an overly-excited/ irritating bimbo with a terrific sense of fashion. Clearly, I didn’t watch this movie because of her and I do think that is a pretty decent human being; however, I watched it because it is a Disney production! The plot is a simple: Sonam Kapoor (not acting, rather, being herself) is a renowned physiotherapist (who has fixed Dhoni and other IPL players) who is hired by a royal family to improve the motor ability of the so-called Maharaja/ King types who doesn’t want to get well in the first place. Enter a morose and stickler for rules Maharani and the gorgeous prince played by Fawad Khan. Sonam is backed by her mother – the very loud and obnoxious Kirron Kher whose Punjabiness almost makes her too much to take in, literally and figuratively. Apparently, there is only one way to portray Punjabis – loud, obnoxious and pains-in-the-butt. I also don’t understand why they dressed up Sonam in such wacky outfits, really. So you would find that the character doesn’t have any qualms or the sense to dress up in normal clothing while visiting the Maharaja of a neighbouring castle. In fact, she makes sure to wear ill-fitting harem pants with mismatched tops and jackets with loud scarves and some lousy jewellery. The accidental but intentional kiss between Fawad and Sonam is supposed to be heart-touching but it only makes you wonder why. I mean the woman is a famous physiotherapist and an adult but there you find her auditioning for some role in an untitled movie in some remote district and Fawad leaves an important meeting with some Chinese/ Japanese guy to save her. But guess what, he doesn’t have to save her. Turns out he knows the kidnappers and chases them away while slyly drinking from a flask and adds to Sonam’s drunkenness. The bizarre but cute part about the movie is that they depict what the characters are actually thinking vis-à-vis what they’re saying, so, it’s like, “Main jaa raha hoo (I am going)” but in the back of his mind the character is saying, “Mujhe rok lo (Stop me)”. I don’t quite understand Fawad and Sonam’s love story but all the same it’s mildly adorable and endearing save for Sonam’s perpetual foot-in-the-mouth situation. So confusions galore and one extremely brilliant sad song later in the course of which the Maharaja finally walks and reinstates his masculinity (tang adana – putting one’s foot in other’s business *rolls eyes*) Fawad and Sonam decide to get married. I truly hated Sonam’s character in bits especially her over-dramatic over-the-top bullshit when left alone in a room with Fawad for God-knows -what reason considering they aren’t even married and this is India people. She says and I quote, “Tumhe dekh kar bure khayal aa rahe hain Viku” (When I see you, I think dirty thoughts, Viku)” and that tells you all you need to know about the character. Her USP lies in the fact that she is honest to a fault and doesn’t want to live a life with regrets even though it might adversely affect the opposite party. Plus, she clearly is desperate. There is only one reason you should watch the movie – Fawad Khan who pulls off his grim and disciplined princely son routine with ease. Sonam, you are taking fashion a bit too far. I hate your pants.

  1. Bahubali: The Beginning (2015)

Baahubali-The-Beginning-Trailer - Prabhas,Rana-Daggubati,SS-Rajamouli-tamannah(2)

I have never walked out half-way through a movie. In fact, I am always ardently faithful right till the end sometimes even staying for the titles when and if they conclude with a great track (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 where Lorde renders the brilliant ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’) but this is one movie where fifteen minutes in I wanted out. Maybe it was a Friday night and I was tired after a hard week and late night shows are really not my thing (yes, I like to sleep early and but not wake up early) but the blatantly stupid notion of romanticizing the idea that a woman is all about her outwardly appearance and that a beautiful woman dressed in revealing clothes can be a man’s only inspiration for greatness is a killer. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not a feminist and I am all for screaming equality till I am hoarse but c’mon, the woman is a fighter and a darn good one at that. She doesn’t need to wear a strapless bikini top and a skirt, make up her face with organic gunk to be a woman. Before I stray further on this topic, the story simply is about a ripped, bizarrely-strong man called Bahubali who was supposed to be killed as a child but is rescued by a tribal family. The plot is set in a beautiful land with waterfalls and greenery where Bahubali lives with his tribal clan at the foot of the waterfall. Intuitively, he is drawn to the top of the waterfall and finally after being inspired by a mask fallen from the top of the waterfall who he then fashions into a face of  a woman – an apsara vision-like woman leads him to literally climb the whole length of the waterfall/ mountain and he comes across a new land. The above mentioned woman is a warrier and her people are hatching a plan to rescue their head who is trapped in the capital by the cruel king. See, that is where things get interesting. Now, Bahubali is a foolish idiot who seemed to have just hit puberty in the movie. He is drawn to the woman and uncannily enough begins to annoy her by drawing tattoos on her body while swinging from a tree while she is frozen staring at a snake (yes, that is a sign that a boy likes you – he annoys you). She has some deep-seated insecurities as she looks at her reflection in the lake and pushes away thoughts of beauty which Bahubali uses as a leverage. He annoys her some more and before you know it she is dolled up as some decadent goddess who falls in love with him, sleeps with him and trusts him (but we’ve just met and you seem to be some rural fool!) but no one must know. He rescues her from people of the capital who are after her while out-pacing an avalanche and she decides that the task of rescuing their head should be entrusted to him. The man enters the capital, disguises himself and after pulling off a stunt where he lifts a gold statute so people won’t die (just watch the movie already!) inspires them so they start screaming Bahubali. The king is shocked, appalled and irritated (he spent so much on the gold statute and it was supposed to be up like yesterday!) and sends people chasing after this Bahubali. Meanwhile, the captured head who is mentioned above is one fascinating but scary creature as she collects sticks out of nowhere and is in the process of building the cruel king’s funeral pyre. She is very Jaya Bachchan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and senses that her son – Bahubali (now you know!) is somewhere around. She denounces opportunities to escape and decides that her son will rescue her and burn this shit down. Bahubali hasn’t the slightest inkling so he fights everyone, rescues his mum and is well on his way to her land when he is stopped by the commander general who secretly hates the king and wants to rescue the scary red-eyed woman. Bahubali kills the king’s son and that’s that. It is revealed that he is Bahubali – the son of the brave Bahubali who was supposed to be the king but was killed by… the commander general! But why?! For that we have to wait for Bahubali: The Ending in 2016. The reveal is predominantly the second half which is a visual treat and puts 300 to shame. Of course, some things are ludicrous. I mean how can you watch each detail of the war that Bahubali’s father wins to ascend the throne if you are miles away from the battle field but this is solid Tollywood, people. The songs are ethereal and I particularly like one single female character – Bahubali’s grandmother who dies saving him. She literally holds him out to the sun appealing to the Gods to save him while the river around her drowns her and that is how he is rescued by the tribals. Now, this woman has some serious balls (forgive the language) as she single-handedly rules the kingdom without the help of her physically-handicapped and sly husband while raising Bahubali’s father and her own son. She holds different tests to determine who would ascend the throne and the war with the disfigured/ disorganized rurals (sort-of like Sauron’s orcs and wargs) determines their fate. I loved the second half (post some heavy dose of caffeine) but positively hated the first. All in all, I am intrigued as to why the commander general did kill Bahubali’s father for which I am pretty sure he had some noble reason. As for the insecure woman – she could use a healthy dose of self-respect and self-esteem but hey if you are happy with that top and skirt so be it.

For now, this is Monday face:

giphy (2)


2 thoughts on “

  1. Zarine Mohideen says:

    Ok, what!! I loved Mission Impossible! It took me back to school when all I would do was fantasize about marrying Tom Cruise! And that chick is so bad ass I loved it.
    Inside Out – loved that too.
    Frozen – Haven’t watched it.
    Khoobsurat – Ditto.
    Bahubali – Don’t intend to.

    Remember when I told you once long back that paragraphs are our friends and we must embrace them? Yup, telling you again.

    I’ve started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. I forgot how brilliant she was. I LOVE HER.

    • juststartedthinking says:

      Sigh, Tom Cruise… he is terrific! Ergo, he is the only reason to watch MI.

      Sorry sorry, paragraphs will make an appearance on my posts from now on and here they are in this comment!

      Guess what, I have started reading Harry Potter again! Parallely (is that even a word?!), I am also doing a movie screening for myself – already on the 3rd one. You just realise that it is far more profound and deeper than when you originally read it. I haven’t watched Buffy although I have started Frasier – it isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be and a bit dull.

      Watch Frozen!!!

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