Love. L-O-V-E – the four letter word that makes the world go round. Love – simple but always complicated. Love – makes everything better. Love – the best feeling in the world.

It’s amazing how we shy away from something so pretty fantastic, warm and enriching. I love Love. I love the idea of love, the feeling of being in love and, most importantly, being loved. It makes even the stupidest song on the radio sing for you and your heart is just overwhelmed by the feeling…until you meet boring, drab and repetitive work. But wait, I love work too! What did I say? Love does make everything feel better.

So, if you’re having a bad morning or a torrid night, here’s sending you love. Wherever you are today and no matter in how horrible a situation you are in, here’s some love and some faith and some hope for happier days.

Thank God for love! Thank God for family and thank God for you, A. 


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