It is one of those things requiring a giant leap of faith. Faith in the Higher Power above, faith in oneself, faith in just believing that things are going fine, that it is all well, that in the future all will be f-i-n-e. I seem to have a problem with taking that leap. It is also a lot about trusting people and believing that they’re empathic towards you and sympathetic towards your problems. As a very wise person told me quite recently, he absolutely refuses to believe that people are psychopathic or have psychotic tendencies that everyone is nice and wants to be around for each other. I don’t know where he gets his optimism from but I do no believe this one bit. It is about living through it and not getting cynical about people, about still giving them a chance and not ruining what could possibly be good times with others because of the one A-hole or B** that one meets.

Let’s take that leap, let’s free-fall for once.


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